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CORPORATE TRAINING - Soft Skills   Communication      Soft Skills     
Relationship Building:
Basic Customer Service Skills
  • For Finance, Retail, Tech Support and Sales
  • Customer Delight / Loyalty Building
  • Empathy
  • Dealing with Disappointed Customers
  • Healing Customer Relationships
  • Sales and Sales Support
  • Features and Benefits, Cross-Sell and Up-Sell
    Language Training:
    Spoken English
  • Includes Accent and Verbal Ability
  • Business Writing
  • Includes Composition, Grammar and Analytic Reading
  • Text-Based Communications (E-mail, Chat)
  • Includes Tool Usage and Decision Logic
    Communication Skills
  • Offered at Entry, Mid, and Senior Levels
    Communications for Technical Professionals
    Personal Development:
    Stress Management
    Time Management
    Self-Presentation and Etiquette
    Goal Setting and Career Development
    Interviewing Skills
    Public Speaking
    Leadership Skills:
    Basic Leadership Skills
    Team Building
    Managerial Effectiveness Workshop
    Performance Counseling
    Motivation and Morale-Building
    Negotiation Skills
    Appreciating and Rewarding Employees
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